Höllentalklamm – a magical gorge hike

Experience the multitude of the Garmisch Alps

Basic info

This beautiful gorge hike is situated in the classic Garmisch area, just about an hour from Munich. It’s a short fairly busy hike that gives you a bit of everything, lush forest, beautiful gorge, steep fills and views of the mountains. If it’s missing anything it would the panoramic  views of the Alps since it doesn’t take you all the way up to the top.

Starting point: Obergrainau
How to get there: Train from Munich to Garmisch followed by a small ride on Zugspitzbahn (cogwheel train) to Hammersbach (1.5 h)
Length: 12.2 km
Walking time: 5 h
Elevation: +/- 690m
Difficulty: Moderate
Gear: Regular hiking gear, 5 euros (entrance fee), water-repellent jacket (can get wet in the gorge because of the dripping water) and day pack. If you prefer not to bring food you will find one hut half way up and one at the top.

In the beginning of the gorge trek you walk in a forest next to a beautiful little stream.

Photo: bi_g_gi



Day hike

This is an easy hike from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. While most people who visit Garmisch tend to do Patchnammklamm, I prefer this hike because I find it a bit more challenging and varied.

You start off ascending along a stream up through a forest before you reach the spectacular gorge. Once you enter it, you snake your way along the sides and sometimes the tunnel through the mountain on your way up. At the top of the gorge you can enjoy traditional Bavarian cuisine  at a typical mountain hut. To get back down I prefer to take the path up on the ridge that afterwards takes you on a bridge over the gorge. This can give you a spectacular view or just as nice, sometimes you experience a thick fog coming in from the river bellow.


In the gorge section of the trek, you walk through tunnels and bridges to snake your way upwards through the mountain pass.
Walking the ridge around the Höllental gorge gives you a great view.

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At the top of the Höllentalklamm day hike you will get a view of the Alps.
Just hours from Munich you find the Höllentalklamm day hike. The hike leads through magestic gorge and magical forests.
Part of the Höllental gorge hike makes you feel like you are actually going straight into the mountain.
Hiking above the Höllental gorge in Garmisch, either gives you spectacular views or magical mists.

Photots: leben.und.loslassen, tristaaaaaaaaaaaanhike.the. For more inspiration from this beautiful gorge hike in Garmisch-Partenkirschen, Munich, check out Hollentalklamm & #Höllentalklamm.