Cliff jumping – Scheibum

Experience the Bavarian country-side

Basic info

Experience the Bavarian country-side and go cliff jumping in the deep forest, hours from Munich. This hike isn’t very well known (especially with foreigners). It doesn’t have the Alps as a backdrop what you might expect in Bavaria, but as far as summer hikes go it’s a perfect combination of beautiful nature and fun.

Starting point: Bad Bayersoien
How to get there: Train from Munich to …  (1.5 h)
Walking time: 3 h 30 min
Length: 12 km
Elevation: +/- 288m
Difficulty: very easy
Gear: Regular hiking gear and snacks, you can find places to eat in the beginning and end of the hike. Bring swim wear for the stream.


Photos: rainer_in_berg


Day hike

This hike isn’t listed on most top hikes around Munich. Probably because it isn’t in the Alps. It’s also not very well known. That said it’s still a great summer hike.

The hike starts out through a stereotypical Bavarian landscape; green hills, cows and old houses. Which to a person that mainly visit the Alps for hiking can be a nice change.

The moss waterfall

After a while you’ll head over a river and enter a great lush forest. It’s a beautiful old forest covered in moss, and after about half an hour walk you’ll come across the main reason most people go on this hike, Schleierfälle. A very special waterfall covered in moss (see picture above).

Cliff jumping

But to me the highlight of the trek comes when you loop around back to the river again. This is where you’ll find Scheibum. It’s the beginning of the Ammer gorge, beautiful rockformations on each side of a greenish blue river.

The first time I went here, I was walking down the stream and saw, what I thought was a crazy person, dive straight down into the shallow stream. It turned out that there’s a section right after the shallow part with really deep pools. So what looked like a suicidal person turned out to be a guy very much enjoying life.

This is the perfect place to pull out your day-pack, lay down on a rock enjoy the sun. When the sun starts to warm you up, climb up one of the cliffs and dive in to cool pools. It’s not a crazy rock diving experience, but you can find cliffs a couple of meters above the water. And you can definitely get some cool Instagram pictures here (unfortunately I’ve only been here alone or with crappy cameras).



Useful links for the trek

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Photos: matthias3000, andreasmuellerphotoart, nicokrziwanie & chris.diepold. Check out Instagram for more inspiration of the hike and cliff jumping in Scheibum, #Scheibum, Schleierfälle & #Scheibum-Ammerdurchbruch.